I Am Nobody

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I Am Nobody

Network: , Aug. 04, 2023
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Zhang Chulan, an ordinary young man, gets entangled in an unprecedented world of “outsiders” when his grandfather’s body mysteriously disappears. Facing unexpected pursuit from the Sinister Pleasure, a relentless organization, and the sudden appearance of an enigmatic girl Feng Baobao, Zhang Chulan decides to no longer hide his superpower. As Zhang delves into his grandfather’s past, he gradually becomes part of the world of outsiders, where the mysteries of history start to unravel. Behind it all lies a shocking secret, and Feng’s mysterious origins seem to hold the key to the truth. The young outsiders fight shoulder to shoulder to overcome the challenges and become friends who have each other’s back. On their journey of growth, each one searches for their sense of righteousness, while a battle between good and evil looms on the horizon…

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Season: 1

Episode: 27

Name: Episode 27

Aired: September 28, 2023

Schedule Day:Monday
Original Title:异人之下
Release date:Aug. 04, 2023
No. of seasons:2
No. of episodes:27
Average Duration:45 minutes
Original network:
Check on:TVMaze
Latest Date: Sep. 22, 2023
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Peng Yuchang isZhang Chulan
Zhang Chulan
Wang Yinglu isFeng Baobao
Feng Baobao
Wang Xueqi isZhang Zhiwei
Zhang Zhiwei
Bi Wenjun isZhang Lingyu
Zhang Lingyu
Wanyan Luorong isZhuge Qing
Zhuge Qing
Dai Si isFeng Shayan
Feng Shayan
Zhang Qi isZhang Huaiyi
Zhang Huaiyi