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Ōsama Sentai Kingu-Ōjā

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There is an ancient prophecy shared amongst the kingdoms of Earth – 2,000 years after their fall, the Territorial Empire Bugnarok will once again rise up to kill all humans. However, five kings and their guardian deity, King-Ohger, will stand up to face them. This is the story of kings who will defend the Earth, as well as a Coming of Age Story for one young man who will achieve kingship henceforth.

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Season: 1

Episode: 38

Name: The Immovable Idol Debut

Aired: November 26, 2023

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Season: 1

Episode: 39

Name: A Battle for Nkosopa's Crown

Date: December 3, 2023

StatusReturning Series
Taisei Sakai isGira Husty
Gira Husty
Aoto Watanabe isYanma Gast
Yanma Gast
Erika Murakami isHymeno Ran
Hymeno Ran
Yuzuki Hirakawa isRita Kaniska
Rita Kaniska
So Kaku isKaguragi Dybowski
Kaguragi Dybowski
Masashi Ikeda isJerami Brasieri
Jerami Brasieri
Masato Yano isRacules Husty
Racules Husty
Shin-ichiro Miki isKamejim Unka (voice)
Kamejim Unka (voice)
Masato Tsutamune isKamejim Unka (Body)
Kamejim Unka (Body)
Tomoyuki Shimura isDesnarak VIII (voice)
Desnarak VIII (voice)