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Sunshine by My Side

Network: , , , , Sep. 01, 2023
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Jian Bing is a well-known advertising director in the industry, while Sheng Yang is a newcomer just entering society. They meet by chance at a restaurant—a recently divorced woman and a person waiting for love in vain. With Sheng Yang’s companionship, Jian Bing regains confidence in life and love. Under Jian Bing’s guidance and encouragement, Sheng Yang grows from an inexperienced and impulsive young man, showing his potential. They heal each other and gradually develop feelings. However, they face unavoidable obstacles in reality—identity and experience differences, opposition from their families, and workplace gossip. Jian Bing and Sheng Yang decide to leave the future in the hands of time. They dedicate many first experiences to each other, and it is through this trust and shared journey that they become better versions of themselves. After going through twists and turns, they once again find their way back to each other.

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Season: 1

Episode: 36

Name: Episode 36

Aired: September 17, 2023

Schedule Day:Monday
Airs on:CCTV-8, China at 07:30 PM - Official Web
Original Title:骄阳伴我
Release date:Sep. 01, 2023
No. of seasons:1
No. of episodes:36
Average Duration:45 minutes
Original network:, ,
Check on:TVMaze
Latest Date: Sep. 17, 2023
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Xiao Zhan isSheng Yang
Sheng Yang
Bai Baihe isJian Bing
Jian Bing
Tian Yu isXue Yiming
Xue Yiming
Zhu Zhu isLiang Shanshan
Liang Shanshan
Liu Xun isSong Chen
Song Chen
Wu Xingjian isHao Junjie
Hao Junjie
Han Qiuchi isWang Youde
Wang Youde
Haoyu Yang isSheng Xiangqian
Sheng Xiangqian