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The Knockout

Network: , , , , Jan. 14, 2023
The Knockout TV show: Air dates and find the next episode schedule.

20 years of perseverance, hot-blooded teenagers finally become the people’s hero.

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Season: 1

Episode: 39

Name: Episode 39

Aired: February 2, 2023

Schedule Day:Monday
Airs on:CCTV-8, China at 07:30 PM - Official Web
Original Title:狂飙
Release date:Jan. 14, 2023
No. of seasons:1
No. of episodes:39
Average Duration:46 minutes
Original network:,
Check on:TVMaze
Latest Date: Feb. 01, 2023
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Zhang Songwen is高启强 / Gao Qiqiang
高启强 / Gao Qiqiang
Zhang Yi is安欣 / An Xin
安欣 / An Xin
Li Yitong is孟钰 / Meng Yu
孟钰 / Meng Yu
Zhang Zhijian is孟德海 / Meng Dehai
孟德海 / Meng Dehai
Wu Gang is徐忠 / Xu Zhong
徐忠 / Xu Zhong
Ni Dahong is泰叔 / Uncle Tai
泰叔 / Uncle Tai
Han Tongsheng is李有田 / Li Youtian
李有田 / Li Youtian
Li Jianyi is纪泽 / Ji Ze
纪泽 / Ji Ze
Shi Zhaoqi is安长林 / An Changlin
安长林 / An Changlin
Zhao Da is过山峰 /Guo Shanfeng
过山峰 /Guo Shanfeng